Kind Words

adelaide oncology massage service

“Oncology massage – very beneficial. My son finds it relaxing & it destresses him allowing him to focus on “nice feelings” instead of health concerns. Should be offered as complementary therapy on ward for oncology patients able to manage such therapy” T G – Reynella

I feel that massage for oncology children would benefit the healing of children on the ward and out of the hospital” S B – Leanyer

“Thank you for my massage. It was really relaxing and enjoyable. I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up I felt much better. It helps me feel calm.” A S – (paediatric client)

Truly amazing … I have never felt so relaxed, centred and feel as though I can deal with this hard year ahead much easier” J D – Rosewater

The two lymph drainage massages I had from you to date have been a very relaxing and nurturing experience. My arm feels softer afterwards, the swelling definitely reduced. I’m really grateful that you are there!” P D – Goodwood

I’m floating” J P – Clare

The ongoing stresses for a parent associated with childhood cancer can be relentless and draining. Judy’s massage is a chance to revive and restore itself. A series of massages would be ideal – Will have to work on that!” A G-S – Erindale

I firmly believe that massage is of great benefit to the body as a whole during times of stress and feel sure that for children undergoing chemotherapy it would be very helpful” J G – Kangarilla

I feel that massage for oncology children would benefit the heeling of children. On the ward and out of hospital, Would assist children with muscle pains greatly” S B – Ridgehaven